I talk to him more than you do.

How was last weekend?

There, there. It's all better now.


They invited them to dinner.

Please don't smoke too much.

The room is empty.

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Huashi, you were the one behind this!

The Hubble Space Telescope was named after Edwin Hubble, an astronomer whose contributions to astronomy include a classification system for galaxies and the Hubble Constant.

He will be back in a couple of days.

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There's still no proof.


Donn is handicapped.

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Give him something to eat.

There were some boats on the lake.

Did you forget to sign your name again?

My husband is in high spirits today.

Spanish is his mother tongue.

People came to the concert hall to listen to the famous orchestra.

I hate when Kinch does that.

Barry chose his words carefully.

I don't know what to do either.

An eagle swooped and plucked a rabbit from the field.

Does the error occur regularly or sporadically? Is the error reproducible?

I'm not sure you'll like it.

I didn't live with my mother when I was growing up.

I'm a damage doer.

I've had enough, thank you.

I didn't know her last year.

What did you eat this evening?

I will go on ahead.

I'm afraid I have a prior engagement.

Hillel has unrealistic expectations.

"What time will you be finished?" "I'm not sure yet."

Is it far from here?

He brought me a coffee even though I had asked for a tea.


How long did you go out with him?

I connect to the Internet almost every day.

I don't have a passport.

Let me just finish this sentence.

Didn't anybody tell you that you didn't have to be here today?

We got on the same bus.

Can you hold on a moment?

I felt something touch my foot.

What time do you water the garden?

Floria was scared of Butler.

I'll never tell anybody.

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My dad is accustomed to jogging at night.

Our boss is hard to please.

You are the one who warned me.

His heart is broken.

Could you make out what he was saying?

Have you packed your books yet?

Why are you wearing sunglasses at night?

Chris is a friend of mine from high school.

I have to be there before seven.


Please speak in a loud voice.

Scientist's pleas to introduce fish quotas were ignored for too long.

The competition will be intense.

Joachim ate some food, drank some beer, and then went right to sleep.

The whole town was covered in snow.

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Does this belong to you?

He changed his name to Charley Jackson.

Where's the funding coming from?

Is this building open to the public?

He was afraid that he might hurt her feelings.

It began to be light, and things were becoming visible by degrees.

Her mother was a Christian and her father a pagan, but this wasn't a problem for them at all.


I'm sure there will be a day when the world comes together as one.

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Adrian is a dentist.

Let Mah fight his own battles.

You don't want to let on how rich you really are.

There is no excuse for his delay.

Polly took a break.

Are you going out today?

Why did you paint this wall black?

I gave one to charity.

We could see the ship in the distance.

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This glistening little tulpa is a four-dimensional creature. The crown of his head is my biological mother squeezing me out, and the tips of his toes will be the death of me. We are about a quarter past his nipples at the moment. Tubular, man!

Please give me a hand with my homework.

You never change.

I hate it when you're right.

They embraced lovingly.

You take there and save inside this. Put it near that.

Knapper is very good at French.


You should leave immediately.

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Winnie has no enemies.

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When he heard it, he saw red.


I am sorry that she is absent from the conference.

You're stupid!

The pond froze over.

Shadow isn't dishonest.

She has walked to the store.


He rose to his feet and smiled at her.

It was enjoyable.

I know that wasn't her.

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Everyone is waiting in the other room.

Joshua is picking flowers.

The escaped convicts agreed to part ways.


Fortune knocks but once, but misfortune has much more patience.


We've got some more work to do.

I'm still busy.

I don't know what all the fuss is about.

That's what my mom said.

I don't think my life is very interesting.


Perhaps it would be better if I forget you.

My spoon is very large.

She wept at the news.

We have closed out this year's model.

I wish Charleen would stop screaming all the time.

It's time for you to stop going on and on about deprived communities.

You should have been more careful in money matters.

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What does EC stand for?

Tomorrow morning, I'll wake up at 6.

I want to be young again.


The doctor took his pulse.

This is a top secret mission.

They are going to investigate the affair.

What time do you turn the lights off?

There's no way we can get this done by next Monday.

Are you looking for somebody?

Rolfe looked at Lonhyn and then winked at her.

You're making tea, aren't you?

There was blood on the knife.

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Juri can't be over thirty. He looks like he's about eighteen.


That topic is too intimate to share with casual acquaintances.


He fell into a deep slumber.


My parents came to see me off at the airport.

Let's start with what we were talking about yesterday.

Don't try to move.


Jeanne reacted angrily to the sentence.

We have been studying English for three years.

We have to drive the enemy out of our land.

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What do you want me to tell you?

Do I really look so old?

Please let me know your new address.


In research, English is the language to be used.


Are you guys busy?

Would you like more mashed potatoes?

Very low oxygen levels result in impaired judgment and ability to concentrate, lack of night vision acuity, shortness of breath, nausea, and fatigue.

What would you advise me to do?

Wendi didn't seem pleased to see me.

The last survivors fled the town yesterday.

Kenneth placed her baby in a car seat for the flight.


His long absences were starting to provoke suspicion.

The thing I hate most about him is that he boasts of having had good grades in school despite not studying.

I need colored pencils.

The vigorous man is engaged in diverse activities.

The average woman is taller than me.

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It's useless to argue.

Wendell will probably buy his mother some flowers for Mother's Day.

His question puzzles me.

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There's a big supermarket in my neighborhood.

You drove me crazy.

Weather permitting, I'll depart tomorrow.


Harry doesn't like oranges.

I want him fired.

The table at which I dined was close to the window.

Anatole put new strings on the old guitar that he had just bought.

Casper wanted Kenn to tell him what to do.

This is still not good enough.

The cat is eating.

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I would wholeheartedly agree.

Rudy never knew Paula was rich.

I said stop right there!