Coat the chicken breast with flour.

The Gulf Stream is a great river of warm water flowing within the Atlantic Ocean.

I'm sure Boyce wouldn't want you to catch cold.


Ping considered it an insult not to be invited to the party.


What's this got to do with her?

You've had me worried sick.

He followed the doctor's suggestions.

It is better for you to do it now.

Alison didn't have to come here. He could've just called.

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Brandy has tattoos all over his body.


Even an expert driver can make a mistake.


Let's not do that again.


Did he say anything about it?


I wouldn't have expected Marshall to be able to do that.


I'm looking for food.


I didn't think anyone still lived in this house.

Olaf and Izchak took a stroll together.

It is time to stop watching television.

We have agreed on the rate of discount.

Saul told Nelken how much he enjoyed watching baseball on TV.

We're going to get you out of there.

No person can decide when someone should die.

We'll catch him.

I have errands to run.


We are agreeable to your conditions.

He who only has a hammer in his toolbox sees all problems as nails.

I couldn't remember the title of that song.

My friends were so boozed up that I had to drive them home.

I didn't make it myself.

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The accident happened late at night.

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Our fighters averaged 430 missions a day.

Floyd wants me to follow him.

I can't change this.


Her results last year were lackluster.


I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.


There is a big stack of mail on the table.


Jane asked for a lot of money.

They dragged their boat onto the beach.

Did I tell you Ken and I got engaged?

After walking for miles in the woods, the fugitive stumbled upon a farmhouse.

She spoke in a small voice.

Don't try to do two things at a time.

He intervened and settled the matter peacefully for the time being.

His biceps are very big.

I'm not sure I want to go there by myself.

"Have you finished?" "No, I haven't even started."

Let's be aggressive.


I was no match for her.

Where's Spock supposed to be?

Neutron stars spin rapidly giving off radio waves. If the radio waves appear to be emitted in pulses (due to the star's spin), these neutron stars are called pulsars.

I knew it would be painful.

The bowling shop's opening ceremony was boring.


Buy some bread, some ham, and a bottle of wine too.

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We haven't touched anything.


My parents want to dismiss our nurse because they don't have enough money to pay to her.


John has been moody since this morning.

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We climbed a steep slope.

Courtney was wearing a black sweater when I met her.

Teri is a father now.


They want to help us.


He shut up the money in the safe.


You seem very nervous this morning.

Carolyn pushed the door open and looked inside.

Jiro communicates with his pen pal in Australia.

There's plenty left.

We've done everything we can do.

Todd likes music.

Were you naughty?

You may not like what you discover.

We're here now.


Claire is confident, isn't he?

She observed how butterflies fly.

He was always very eager to meet people.


Water is 800 times heavier than air.

We go to the cinema to be scared by watching horror movies.

I only weighed 120 pounds when I was in high school.

Hawks are birds of prey.

I don't have an office, nor do I need one.

Nick looks down on anyone who comes from a rural area.

Suddenly, the crowd fell silent.

The poor sod was shot dead a day before the end of the war.

This game is a lot of fun.

Why have I never been told it?

We're looking into it.

The President called on everyone to save energy.

I had a nosebleed today.

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I'll talk to them alone.

I don't care a bit about the future.

This analysis is divided in two parts.

I kept thinking, thinking of the pale, haggard, lonely little girl on the cold and desolate side of the window-pane.

I still have a lot to do.


I know you don't like sports.

He dashed to catch the last train.

He went to America.

Oscar parked his car and got out.

Who stabbed George?

I'd like you to be my guest tonight.

It took me about two and a half hours to dig a hole one meter in diameter and two meters in depth.

We went to see our neighbors.

I want everybody out of this room as soon as possible.

She began to cry at the sight of my face.

The child drew a picture.


I hide the true amount from her.

This is Beth speaking. I'd like to speak to Ann.

It's too easy.

I feel pretty confident.

He has not realized his mistakes yet.


How does it help you to brag that you are a free man? Don't you still have to pay taxes on time although they are revolting to you?

He works in a factory.

When can I train?


Dan didn't even go upstairs.

Her consciousness grew fainter as death approached.

You are going to carry out the plan, aren't you?

I never suggested that.

Strangely, she has suddenly vanished.

The lawyer was expecting him.

The experience gave him an advantage over the others.

Your mother wouldn't like it if she knew we were seeing each other.

Gene shot John until he fell to the ground dead.

William usually comes on time.

Part of his story is true.

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You're a vandal!

I don't want to go back to the way things were.

What're the odds?

Hamilton takes care of his sick father.

Math doesn't suck, you do.

Unity, justice and freedom are the pledge of fortune.

She's always complaining about her ill health.

The plate is dirty.

This project still keeps me very busy.


It makes no sense at all.

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Everyone smiles in the same language.


Syun didn't let his children go to Tolerant's party.

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Those thought it was a good solution.

I think we have enough money.

The kite got caught in the tree.

Gentlemen prefer blondes.

This note summarizes some information that we hope to discuss at the meeting in San Francisco.

We all missed them.

I can tell you love him.

I wouldn't object if you wanted to go with her.

Why do cats purr?


We're not kidding.

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I used to drop in at the bookstore on my way home.


I had to keep moving.

That's pretty bad.

We have a lot of fun.

The boy narrowly escaped drowning.

This is the kind of program that Jeff likes to watch.

What's going on with Elaine?

It was very funny.


Bradley was broke.

It's not negotiable.

Alejandro wears the same red flannel shirt every time he goes camping.

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She cried for help, but nobody heard her.

It looks like Deborah has a crush on Sarah.

You need to attach your photo to the application form.